Treble One - A Tribute (DVD or USB Stick)

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  • Duration: 60 mins approx (Main feature 23 minutes plus 37 minutes slideshow)
  • Region: 0 (any)
  • Format: PAL Widescreen*

'Treble One - A Tribute'.

The complete film, fully restored from an original copy supplied by the COI in 2011 and digitised in-house, under licence.

For the last eight weeks I have been working to restore a copy of 'Treble One - A Tribute', a 23 minute film about 111 Squadron and The Black Arrows made in 1959. The original copy was not in great condition and I have now removed all scratches, hair and dust, removed the 'digital noise' created when the film copy was transferred to Digital Betacam tape in the 1980s, and restored the colour, which was badly faded. I have also sharpened and stablised the footage where possible, although it's worth keeping in mind that a lot of the material was shot air to air at high speed so there is only so much that can be done without the image 'breaking up'.

The video will be ready to dispatch on 30th September and is available as a pre-order now as either a DVD (£14.99) or a digital copy on a USB Memory Stick (£16.99).

As a bonus, the DVD will also contain a slideshow gallery of every restored image currently in the Classic Machine Films catalogue, as well as a number of additional images that haven't been restored yet.

Until I can judge demand, I will be producing this in limited numbers. Initially, there will be 25 DVDs and 25 USB sticks available to the first customers. If demand is there I will produce more copies. Unfortunately the licence does not allow me to offer this as a digital download.