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Before the black livery that resulted in them being called The Black Arrows, the team flew Hunter F.4s in standard camouflage colours. Here is a rare example of them flying in close box formation over North Weald in 1956. Note the lighter colured wing tips. These were added to distinguish 111 Sqn's A flight from the B flight. That all disappeared with the black livery.

As a side note, you'll find lots of examples of black and white photos of large Hunter formations online that purport to be The Black Arrows. Quite often, these are photographs of The Blue Diamonds of 92nd Sqn, who took over the role of official display team in 1961. In black and white photos you can tell by the fact that the Blue Diamonds sported white wing-tips. 

This image is perhaps best reprinted up to a maximum of A4 size as the original was in pretty bad shape. 

Added 21 June 2020