The Story of the Black Arrows - in their own words



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"Undoubtedly the best aviation DVD of 2012." Jets, January 2013


"Fascinating and well supported by the accompanying footage." Aviation News, November 2012


"A must-see for aviation and fast jet enthusiasts and a stunning piece of film work. If you are interested in aviation history, or the RAF, check this one out." Squidoo, November 2012





The Black Arrows of No. 111 Squadron were the RAF's premier formation aerobatics display team between 1956 and 1960, flying Hawker Hunter aircraft.


Universally heralded as the team to watch, and arguably the best team the world has ever seen, the Black Arrows displayed all over the UK and Europe while at the same time maintaining their role as an active front line Fighter Command squadron.


Hear the fascinating story of the Black Arrows in the team's own words, with exclusive interviews with the founding leader of the team, Air Commodore Roger Topp, his successor, Air Vice Marshal Peter Latham and twelve other surviving members, including Air Chief Marshal Sir Patrick Hine. These extraordinarily modest men talk about why the Hunter was the perfect machine for formation aerobatics, how the team came together almost accidentally, how they got their name and colour scheme, what it took to be a formation aerobatics pilot and what they (allegedly) got up to while off duty! A vital part of the team, the ground crew, also share their recollections of those exciting golden years of aviation.


The film includes archive footage and photographs of displays, training and life on the squadron, a significant amount of which is previously unseen and is from the pilot's and ground crew's private collections. Also included is footage of the famous 22 aircraft loop at Farnborough in 1958, a world record unbeaten to this day. Roger Topp led that formation in Hawker Hunter XG194, recently discovered abandoned and restored to display status by a dedicated team from Wattisham Air Museum.


This is the real history of the Black Arrows, told in their words and their words alone - a unique collection of stories from a unique group of pilots who set the ground rules for formation aerobatics - rules that are still observed today.

While you're waiting for your DVD to arrive, why not check out our short film of former Black Arrows pilot Ross Colwill taking the controls of a Hawker Hunter more than fifty years after he last climbed into a cockpit!